Reporting Violations

All students are expected to promptly report violations of the Code of Conduct to a teacher, guidance counselor, the building principal or his/her designee. Any student observing a student possessing a weapon, alcohol, or illegal substance on school property or at a school function shall report this information immediately to a teacher, the building principal, the principal’s designee, or the superintendent. All district staff who are authorized to impose disciplinary sanctions are expected to do so in a prompt, fair, and lawful manner. District staff who are not authorized to impose disciplinary sanctions are expected to promptly report violations of the Code of Conduct to his/her supervisor, who shall impose an appropriate disciplinary sanction, if so authorized, or refer the matter to a staff member who is authorized to impose an appropriate sanction. 

Any weapon, alcohol, or illegal substance found shall be confiscated immediately, if possible, followed by notification to the parent of the student involved and the appropriate disciplinary sanction if warranted, which may include long-term suspension and referral for prosecution.

The building principal, or his/her designee, must notify the appropriate local law enforcement agency of those Code violations that constitute a crime and substantially affect the order or security of a school as soon as practical, but in no event later than the close of business the day the principal or his/ her designee learns of the violation. The notification may be made by telephone, followed by a letter mailed on the same day as the telephone call is made. The notification must identify the student and explain the conduct that violated the Code of Conduct and constituted a crime.

Students or staff who wish to report harassment, discrimination or bullying should contact the appropriate compliance officer. The Dignity Act Coordinators for each building are as follows: 


Amy Brockner, 744-2031, ext. 4011 


Jennifer Evans, 744-2031 ext. 3602


Seth Siegel, 744-2031 ext. 5603


Chris Mummery, 744-2031 ext. 4402


Andre Spinelli, 744-2031 ext. 3680


Joseph Prestianni, 744-2031 ext. 5524


Jennifer Fitzgerald, 744-2031 ext. 4302


Colleen Delles, 744-2031 ext. 5716


Anthony Muia, 744-2031 ext. 4213

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