Food Services

Meals for all Pine Bush students continue to be free as students return to in-person hybrid learning Jan. 19, 2021.

A line of five food services workers wearing aprons and masks hold plastic bags filled with food for students.

The Pine Bush Central School District food services program provides breakfast, lunch and a la carte food items to students in kindergarten through 12th grade. 

Our goal is to ensure that we serve healthy, well-balanced meals and that our customers enjoy what they eat. We recognize that meals need to be exciting and delicious, built with quality foods and fresh ingredients designed to energize and satisfy students on-the-go.

Our commitment to your children starts with our menus that are planned using culinary knowledge and innovative menu strategies. Helping students achieve academic success is what drives our passion. We work with local farmers to offer a wide variety of fresh, local, seasonal fruits and vegetables. As we further the effort of scratch cooking, using standardized recipes and fresh ingredients, we continue to look for ways to improve the menu, choices, and food presentation for our students. 


$1.00 full paid | $0.00 reduced price eligible | $0.00 free

Every school offers breakfast to all children daily, starting the first day of school. If you get free or reduced price lunch, you also get free or reduced price breakfast.

The National School Breakfast Program operates under the “Offer vs. Serve” program option, meaning four food items must be offered, while at least three must be selected, and one now being a fruit or vegetable.

Children who are eligible for the National School Lunch Program, at either the free or reduced rate, are also included in the Breakfast Program without having to complete additional paperwork. (Read more about paying for school meals.


  • Elementary lunch: $2.00 full paid | $0.00 reduced price eligible
  • Middle/High School lunch: $2.25 full paid | $0.00 reduced price eligible

The PBCSD is able to provide students at all levels with a variety of lunch options at a reasonable cost. The National School Lunch Program also operates under the “Offer vs. Serve” program option meaning all five meal items must be offered, while at least three must be selected. 

The lunch offered to all students includes five meal items from the following groups: Meat / Meat Alternate, Bread / Grain, Fruit/ Vegetable and Milk. According to Federal Regulations, students must choose a combination of three, four, or five meal items, one item must be a fruit or vegetable.

Smart Snack Approved Items

Milk $0.50 | Elementary ice cream $1.00 | Whole grain chips $0.75 | Bottled water $1.00 | 100% juice (12 ounces) $1.25

In an effort to improve the health and wellness of PBCSD students, our goal is to provide students with healthy snacking options. All items sold meet the nutritional standards established by the USDA guidelines. 

All student accounts are set up “restricted” to using prepaid funds for a la carte purchases (except milk and water bottles); unless written permission is provided to authorize this change. This permission is only needed once and at any time can be reset or modified. To grant permission for your student, email, with the subject line “Prepaid funds for snack purchases,” or complete and return the Lunch Account Restriction Form

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