2019-2020 Budget Snapshot

Total Proposed Budget: $118,775,551
Year-to-Year Spending Increase: 2.23%
Tax Levy Change from 2018-19: 3.07%
Maximum Allowable Tax Levy Increase: 3.07%
Use of Fund Balance: $474,243

On Tuesday, May 21, 2019, voters of the Pine Bush Central School District will go to the polls to vote on the budget for the 2019-20 school year. The budget maintains class sizes and current programs, expands the foreign language program, adds a new AP computer science class as well as a K-2 CASTLE program at PBE. 

Voters will also vote on two capital improvement propositions:

  • Proposition #1 – Base proposition – School Buildings – $44,875,000
  • Proposition #2 – Contingent proposition – Athletics – $9,100,000

Note: Proposition #2 is contingent on the approval of the base proposal. It cannot be approved without the base proposition being approved.  


2019-2020 Budget Development Calendar

May 21, 2019 Annual Budget Vote and Election – 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.


School tax inquiries

Tax bills can be viewed or printed at http://www.infotaxonline.com/. The school tax collector can be reached at (845) 744-3522. Questions may be emailed to heather.long@pinebushschools.org.

New York State Star Program

If you have questions about the STAR program, call (518) 457-2036 or visit the New York State Department of Taxation’s website. 


2018-19 Budget Snapshot

Total Budget: $116,178,996
Year-to-Year Spending Increase: 1.69%
Tax Levy Change from 2017-18: 2.15%
Maximum Allowable Tax Levy Increase: 2.15%
Use of Fund Balance: $960,000

On Tuesday, May 15, 2018, voters of the Pine Bush Central School District approved the $116,178,996 budget for the 2018-19 school year. The budget maintains class sizes and current programs as well as increase spending on security measures.

In addition, two propositions were approved by voters. One authorizes the district to create a capital reserve fund. The other approves an energy-saving program, primarily installing solar panels throughout the district. The school board already approved the program; getting voter approval allows the district to get additional state aid for the project.

Official voting results

2018-2019 budget           
Yes 901                 No 257

Capital Reserve Fund
Yes 863                 No 282

Energy Project
Yes 918                 No 230

Board of Education Candidates

Matthew Watkins            519

Ross Tompkins                  580

Kristin Graessle                 709

Martin Nankin                   353



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