Guide to Student Success

Our character education program utilizes the Positivity Project to empower students to build positive relationships and become their best selves. All students will complete weekly activities which focus on a character strength that will be highlighted each month. Character strengths include kindness, fairness, leadership, integrity and many more. 

We are also a recognized as a “Gold Star No Place for Hate (NPFH) School.” As a Gold Star NPFH school, we have pledged our commitment to eradicate bullying, and discriminatory acts towards members of the CVMS community. Each individual is encouraged to be an “Upstander” rather than a “Bystander” if one sees, or is personally aware of the acts of unkindness mentioned above. Reporting to an adult what one personally knows is a small, yet powerful way of helping others. As a result, we can ensure that everyone has a positive middle school experience.

In addition, we share four core values: respect, responsibility, pride, and cooperation. Our “star” students are expected to commit to these values and behave in accordance with them at all times, whether in school, at home, or in the community.

Success at CVMS will come to those of you who know your responsibilities and carry them out. In return, the staff at CVMS will carry out its responsibilities to you.

Student Responsibilities

  • Be kind to others
  • Respect everyone’s space
  • Walk to the right
  • Be prepared and on time
  • Know and adhere to our district’s Code of Conduct

Academic Success

  • Attendance – To be successful, regular school attendance is important. One day’s absence is usually equivalent to the loss of two days (the work for that day and the work assigned for the next day).
  • Homework – Good homework practices will help you meet with success. Homework provides practice in needed skills and enriches your classroom experiences. Homework is a daily requirement. Please set aside time each day after school to complete homework. If there is no specific homework indicated for a given day, then time should be spent reviewing and studying the day’s class work and/or reading.

Student Accountability and Responsibility

We at CVMS are committed to ensuring that every student receives the best that public education has to offer. Our teachers, related staff members, and building level administrators have gone to great lengths to provide skills and strategies for students to succeed at CVMS. If your child is struggling with academic and/or behavior issues, supports and strategies will be provided to be implemented at CVMS and at home. Students are responsible for using these skills and strategies to help them get back on track, and experience success in all of their endeavors. We believe that it is important to hold our young adolescents accountable to ensure that they are fulfilling our academic and behavioral expectations during their time with us. We welcome your support in helping us meet this end.  

Extra Help 

There will be times when you feel the need for additional help from one of your teachers.  Please check with your teachers for when you can receive extra support with classwork or homework and plan accordingly.  Student tutors are sometimes available to help other students in particular subjects. This type of extra help is arranged through the Counseling Office.

Tips for Doing Your Homework Successfully

  • Find a quiet location in which to work. 
  • Establish a convenient, consistent time for work to be done.
  • Talk with your parents about what topics were discussed in classes each day.  This would be helpful rather than saying “I don’t have any homework” or “I didn’t learn or do anything in school today.”
  • Parents should ask to see your child’s planner daily. It will keep you informed of your child’s homework, projects and test schedule if your child records the information. Call your child’s team of teachers if the assignment planner is not being used regularly. Even if there is no homework indicated, please encourage your child to read each and every day.


Making Up Missed Assignments

You are responsible for making up all work missed during absences. Students are encouraged to regularly check their own Google Classroom pages and SchoolTool to monitor any missing or incomplete assignments. If you know you are going to be absent for two or more days, contact the office for school work.  Work will be provided as long as your absence is considered legal.  After returning to school, you should check with each of your teachers to arrange for making up assignments and tests which you may have missed. Your teacher will monitor your progress and assist you whenever appropriate.

Marking System

There are four quarters in the school year and it is important to know how your grade is determined by each of your teachers. Grades are issued every ten weeks. A five-week interim report is sent home to let you know how you are doing halfway through each quarter. You can also access this information with our teacher’s online grading system. 

Meeting with Academy Teachers

You are a member of an academy, and your academy teachers are there to assist you in their courses. Teachers may ask you or your parents to attend an academy meeting to ensure that you are successful in all of your endeavors.

Academic Eligibility

Circleville Middle School is committed to academic success for all students. Students should remain in good standing academically to be eligible to participate in extracurricular activities such as sports, clubs, field trips, field day, dances and other events held during and after school. Students at risk academically (failing multiple subjects including Unified Arts) may not be allowed to participate in any of the above activities. 

It is the responsibility of students to determine their eligibility. If ineligible, students should make arrangements to correct the situation. Teachers and school counselors are available to assist students. The involvement of teachers, students and parents in developing intervention plans is important for academic success. We believe that all of our students are capable of attaining academic success. We also hope that they will take advantage of all the extracurricular opportunities that middle school has to offer to ensure that they become well-rounded students. 

Behavioral Ineligibility

Students assigned to In-School or Out-of-School suspension may, at the discretion of the building administrator, be excluded from attendance at school-related activities such as dances, field trips, field day, and other such functions held during or after school. Such exclusion will be dependent upon the circumstances associated with the suspensions, including the nature of the infraction(s), subsequent improvement of behavior, and meeting with the academy teachers and support staff. 

School Counseling, Social Work and Psychological Services

How can your school counselor, school social worker or school psychologist be of help to you? You can expect that the counselors and school psychologist will be interested in your questions and will try to understand your thoughts and feelings. They will try to see any problems as you see them. They will accept you and your ideas although they may not agree with your actions or deeds. The counselors, social worker, and psychologist do not assign consequences. However, they will try to understand your choices and help you to interpret the possible consequences. Whenever something is bothering you and you are unable to do the quality of schoolwork expected of you, you should pay a visit to one of these members of our support staff.

How to visit the counselors (including the School Social Worker and School Psychologist):

  • Get a pass from our counseling secretary, Mrs. Garry, before the first period.  In an emergency situation, ask your classroom teacher for a pass to the counseling office.

  • The counselors, psychologist, and social worker expect that the majority of you can solve most of your problems.  They stand ready to help you at any time with those problems you think you cannot solve.  Counseling is for all students.  It is a sign of strength, not weakness, when help is sought and available services are used.

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