Circleville Middle School Student Handbook

Your middle school years mark an important milestone of change in your learning experiences. Every change represents a new beginning and the possibility to make our world a better place. As a middle school student you will have many opportunities to bring your ideas, hopes, dreams and energy into a different place. 

Whether it’s the friends you choose, the courses you select, the clubs or sports you join or the dedication you put into your academic endeavors, these choices will help shape the adult you become. 

CVMS is invested in your success. Please know that you can always turn to the staff at CVMS along with your families for support and guidance.


At CVMS, students are assigned to an academy.  An academy encompasses the same group of students sharing the same teachers.  Teachers on academies are given the freedom to set aside a shared time for parent teacher conferences; student-teacher meetings; academy projects and trips.  All academies in grades six through eight foster learning environments that are 21st century-based and embrace the 4 C’s:  collaboration, communication, creativity and innovation, and critical thinking and problem-solving.



  • Dr. Paone – Academy Leader
  • Ms. Kirby                                                                     
  • Ms. Lallathin                                                              
  • Mr. Villani


  • Mrs. Blaut – Academy Leader
  • Ms. Murray
  • Mrs. McDonald


  • Mrs. Bobby,  ELA
  • Mrs. Giuliano – Academy Leader , Math
  • Mr. Canor – Academy Leader (Interim), Science
  • Mr. Wolf , Social Studies
  • Mr. Kellish, Technology


  • Ms. Halabuda, ELA
  • Mrs. Samarel, Math
  • Ms. Shader – Academy Leader, Science
  • Mrs. Camia, Social Studies
  • Ms. Facciolla, Technology


  • Mrs. Hopmayer, ELA
  • Mrs. Meier, Math/Common Core Algebra
  • Mr. Gabriel – Academy Leader, Science/Living Environment
  • Mr. Frost, Social Studies


  • Mrs. Klink – Academy Leader                                     
  • Ms. Cummings                                                            
  • Mrs. Reidy                                                                  
  • Ms. Raccio  
  • Mr. Randall 
  • Ms. Gilleo
  • Mrs. Walter, 6th Special Class 15 1:1
  • Mr. Caro, 7th Special Class 15 1:1                                                         
  • Mrs. Erickson, 8th Special Class 15 1:1                                               


  • Mrs. Garcia                                                                 
  • Ms. Correa


  • Mrs. Carillo, Physical Education/Health
  • Mr. Distefano, Physical Education
  • Ms. Petrosi, Art
  • Ms. Renahan,  Library Media Specialist
  • Mr. Lawrence, Physical Education/Health
  • Mr. Gehres, General Music/Instrumental
  • Mrs. Liska, Family and Consumer Science
  • Ms. Feuerbach, General Music/Chorus
  • Mrs. Wagner – Academy Leader, General Music/Instrumental


  • Ms. Adashko, ELA
  • Ms. Noto, Math

Support Staff

  • Mrs. Frey, Speech
  • Mrs. Bertuccio, Psychologist
  • Mr. Hendricks, School Counselor
  • Ms. Dorcas, Social Worker
  • Ms. Stroynick,School Counselor
  • Mrs. Sullivan, Nurse
  • Mrs. Curtin, ENL
  • Mr. Weissenberg, ENL

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Join as many activities as you possibly can.  It is a great way to develop interests, have fun and make friends.  An active student is usually a very successful student.  Pay close attention to the daily announcements and bulletin boards for the different clubs and activities available this year.  Our clubs and organizations include:  Student Council, National Junior Honor Society, Yearbook Club, Fitness Club, S.T.E.A.M. Club, Multi-Cultural/Diversity Club, Drama Club, Interact Club, Media Club, World Languages Club, Code Warriors and two Odyssey of the Mind teams.


Make achieving perfect attendance a goal.  To be successful, regular school attendance is important.  One day’s absence is usually equivalent to the loss of two days of instruction.  Legal reasons for being absent include the following: personal illness or death in the family, recognized religious holidays, quarantine, remedial health treatment, court attendance, and impassable roads.  Trips with parents, and vacations, etc., will be classified as illegal absences.

Academic Advisory begins promptly at 7:38 a.m.  A warning bell rings at 7:35 a.m. and the LATE bell rings at 7:38 a.m.  Students who are late to school need to sign in at the Greeter’s Desk  and present a parent note of excuse.  Excessive lateness to school may result in a disciplinary consequence.


The day you return from an absence, you should bring a written excuse signed by your parent or guardian stating the date, duration, and reason for the absence.  If a written legal excuse is not presented within one week, you may be credited with an illegal absence (truancy).  Students who are absent during the day may not attend any school function that afternoon or evening.


If you need to be excused from part of the day’s session, bring a written request from home, signed by your parent or guardian, stating the exact time to be excused and the reason.  Such excuses from school should be used only in cases of emergency and extreme necessity.  Please bring this note to the office before first period.  Authorized adults picking up students must present photo identification before students are released.

Other than this procedure, once you arrive at school, you are to remain on school grounds at all times.  Leaving school grounds without permission is truancy and will be handled according to our District Code of Conduct.


Make a point of being prompt! Get to school and class on time.  Excessive lateness to school and to class may result in disciplinary action.

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Academies recognize the accomplishments of their students in character and academic performance. Celebrations occur as necessary within each academy and quarterly with grade level assemblies held during the school day.


Each of you will have textbooks loaned to you during the year. You are responsible for paying for these books if they are lost or damaged. Know where your books are at all times and do not lend them to others unless you are willing to assume responsibility if they are lost or damaged. Report all lost books to your teacher immediately. All textbooks are to be covered at all times. 

Bookbags/String Bookbags/Backpacks

Students are permitted to carry their books and belongings to and from school using any one of these items.  However, due to health and safety concerns, students are not permitted to bring a bookbag, string bookbag, or backpack into any of their classes.  Students are given enough opportunities throughout the day to use their lockers and plan accordingly.

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Bus Procedures

Bus transportation is a privilege. Under no circumstances will we compromise safety for inappropriate behavior. Unsafe bus behavior may result in bus riding privileges being suspended. If you are assigned school bus transportation, you may ride only your assigned bus. You will be picked up and dropped off at the same stop each day. Any change in the above procedure requires a bus pass.  

A written request from a parent/guardian requesting a temporary bus change should be presented to a building administrator for approval. The building administrator will hold final determination to approve or deny the request. The request must include: student’s name, date(s) of change, reason for change, and signature of parent or guardian. This should be brought to the Main Office before first period.

After-school Bus at 3:30 p.m.—Dismissal time is 2:15 p.m. The School District provides busses at 3:30p.m. on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays for those of you who have permission to stay for extra help, are kept for after-school detention, and/or wish to participate in a club or activity. Please note that the late bus stops are “batched” and your child may not be dropped off at his or her regular bus stop. The bus company determines the late bus stops based on the students on the bus and where they live, and amends as necessary.


The cafeteria is a setting where students eat their lunch and enjoy the opportunity to socialize with classmates. To maintain this environment, it is necessary that the following procedures occur:

  • Wait in an orderly line to be served.
  • The number of students at a table will be limited to eight on each side.
  • Spilled food and liquids should be cleaned immediately by the student(s) responsible.
  • Food waste and papers should be placed in trash containers.
  • The table and floor areas should be cleared of debris before being dismissed.
  • Wandering from table to table is not permitted. There is time provided for students to meet with friends. At such time, students are to be mindful of being respectful and adhering to the school rule of keeping one’s hands to themselves.
  • Student table monitors will be assigned for each table to ensure that voice codes and overall expectations are being adhered to. Conversations should be at a social level. Talk quietly using Voice Code 2 – “Inside Voices” and avoid excessive noise.  If attention is needed while conversations are going on, Voice Code O – “Silence” will be announced and your table monitor will hold up the Voice Code sign. Students will immediately stop talking and give full attention to the adult on the microphone.
  • Dismissal is in a quiet and orderly manner at the direction of the cafeteria supervisors. Student table monitors and tables that follow all procedures and rules will be given first preference and/or early release time to recess.
  • All food and drink must remain in the cafeteria.
  • Students are not permitted to enter our building or walk through our halls carrying any type of hot beverage regardless of its container.
  • Soda and energy drinks are not permitted in the building.
  • Glass containers are not permitted in the building.
  • Voice Code 3 – “Outside Voices” is used at recess and outside of the building.

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Cell Phones 

Cell phones are not allowed to be used at Circleville Middle School.  They are disruptive to classes and shift student focus away from academics.  Circleville Middle School does not assume liability if such devices are damaged, lost or stolen.  If your child brings a cell phone to school, he/she assumes such risk and is responsible for its security.  In such cases, your child is expected to secure it in one’s locker during the course of the school day, after the school day, and if one attends any after school or evening activities at CVMS.  Any student found using a cell phone during the day may have it taken away and held by a building administrator for a discretionary period of time.

Computer Games and Other Technology Devices

Computer games and other technology devices are a distraction and are not allowed in school during the school day. Should your child ignore our policy, and bring these items to school, it is their responsibility to secure these items in their locker during the school day, after the school day,  and if they attend any after-school or evening activities at CVMS.  Students bringing these items to school do so at their own risk. Circleville Middle School does not assume liability if such devices are damaged, lost or stolen.  If your child brings any of these devices to school, he/she assumes such risk and is responsible for its security.

Every student has use of a chromebook for educational purposes throughout the school day.

Dances and Evening Fundraising Events

These events are open to CVMS students ONLY. To participate, you are to be in classes the day of the event and not: absent, in In-School Suspension or on Out-of-School Suspension. All events are supervised, and you are expected to follow school guidelines, or you will be directed to call your parents and leave the event. Once you arrive, you should plan on staying. If you leave early, you will not be able to return. Students are responsible for informing their parents of the time that the dance or event will end. Each student is expected to be picked up at the conclusion in a timely manner. Being picked up late may jeopardize being able to attend future dances. Students must secure all valuables in their lockers. We are not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen items of any kind. 

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Student dress is very important to create and maintain an environment conducive to learning. CVMS students do not wear hats in the building, unless it is a special event and we announce to the students that hats may be worn. Bandanas are unacceptable headwear for school. Halter and/or tube tops, fishnet shirts and stockings, tank tops, spaghetti straps or straps less than three fingers width, wide openings under the arms, half shirts, or anything that shows a bare midriff or bare back, is unacceptable for school. Spandex clothing is inappropriate for school. Shorts and skirts are acceptable  as long as they are reasonable in length (fingertip length). 

However, any shorts, skirts, or jeans with holes that bring undue attention and disrupt the learning environment will be deemed inappropriate. This includes shorts that do not meet our dress code policy even if worn over Spandex, tights or leggings. Pajama pants are inappropriate for school unless we announce a “. Tee-shirts and other clothing with messages about drugs, tobacco, cigarettes, sex, alcohol, or violence are unacceptable for CVMS. We want our students to be successful. One way to be successful is to “dress for success.”

In the event of non-compliance, identified students will be given the option of changing into an acceptable alternate outfit, or a parent may be called to rectify the situation. Therefore, it is recommended that students have an appropriate “back-up” outfit to minimize an inconvenience to parents.  


Students are permitted to bring in these items. However, due to health and safety concerns, students are not permitted to have these items in their ears and in use when walking throughout our building. These items must be out of sight and use during these times.  Once students enter a given classroom, it is at the adult’s discretion to allow use of such items.

Hall Passes and Conduct

You are expected to be in your assigned room on time.  Running in the halls is a safety hazard and is not permitted.  If you leave a room, you must have your passport/planner signed by your teacher, counselor, nurse, etc.  Students may not be in the halls during class periods without a pass.  Pre-signed passes are necessary to use the Library during the lunch periods.  The lunchroom teacher will honor this pass by recording the time and initialing it.  If you need to see the nurse, a pass may be issued by your teacher.   Students who abuse pass privileges will have such privileges limited via the consequence of “Pass Restriction” for a discretionary period of time.  

Public displays of affection are not acceptable in our school. We realize socialization is a part of growing up; however, personal pride and integrity are to be maintained. Students who insist on making public displays of affection can expect their parents to be notified and may receive a disciplinary consequence.

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Health Office

The School Nurse is on duty during the school day and has facilities available for first aid only.  Students are required to report to the Health Office regarding: any injury which occurs in school, outside on school grounds, or on a school bus, illness during the day, Physical Education excuses, hearing and vision examinations, or physicals as scheduled.  All injuries occurring in a classroom, on school grounds or on a school bus should be reported immediately to the teacher or adult in charge. If you receive an injury of any type during the school day, you are to report it, and receive a pass to the nurse.  Even if you do not feel that you are seriously injured, you must report the injury to the nurse immediately.


Homeroom starts at 7:38 a.m. Homeroom period is essential for the Pledge of Allegiance, attendance, announcements, and other housekeeping matters. You should use this time to prepare yourself for the school day by checking your schedule, making sure you have the necessary materials, like pens, pencils, and related books and reviewing some of the class work from the previous day.


Students are issued a hall locker and a combination lock.  This is to protect your possessions from theft.  Under no circumstances should you give another student your combination, or share your locker with others.  These items are on “loan” to you for your use.  Each year you will be assigned a new locker and with it a new lock.  You are not permitted to bring a lock from home.  You may decorate the inside of your locker, but only with removable stickers that leave no damage.  Permanent pen, magic marker, glue or anything else that is not easily removed are not to be used.  Damage to lockers will result in a fine.  Should you lose your lock, you must purchase a school issued lock to replace the one that was given to you.  Students must use their personal lockers and not carry all of their belongings with them throughout the day. Students are also not allowed to store their bookbags in teachers’ classrooms.

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You are responsible for your own items. You must have your name on everything that is not attached to you. Many middle school students have a problem holding onto their things; if you do not have it labeled, we will not know who to return it to. A lost and found area is set aside in the cafeteria. Money, eyeglasses, and jewelry should be turned in to the main office. Check in the main office if you are missing these types of items. Do not bring valuable items to school or lend these possessions, including books, to friends. We are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items.


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Students are not allowed to be pulled from class for phone calls unless it is an emergency and the parent has spoken to the principal. The office staff will do its best to give messages to students during the day. On the other hand, we strongly discourage your child from frequenting our main office to use our phones to call home for non-essential reasons.


The safety of the members of our school community is our highest priority. No admittance to our building will occur without photo identification. Student visits from our high school are not allowed without prior building administration approval. Please ring the bell for entry into the building. You will then be asked to show photo ID to the camera when prompted by a staff member. Once admitted into the building, visitors are required to sign in with the Greeter, show identification, and pick up a Visitor’s Pass. In the event a student is being picked up early, please be advised, our students are only released to persons we have documented as being authorized to do so.

Voice Codes

We expect students to adhere to our building-wide voice codes: 

  • 0: Silence
  • 1: Whisper
  • 2: Inside Voices
  • 3: Outside Voices

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