Dr. Wizard mesmerizes our CES students with a super scientific adventure

Circleville Elementary Students were mesmerized by the science of Dr. Wizard!

Dr. Wizard, also known as Larry Mandrese, makes CES an annual stop with his entertaining and educational presentations of science experiments. They captivated our CES students in every grade with their visual effects and Dr. Wizard’s enthusiastic demonstrations!

A large group of kids on the floor of a room with a man in front wearing a tall blue hat with stars on it.


Students saw Dr. Wizard light a lightbulb in saltwater! That’s because saltwater is a good conductor of electricity. In another experiment, he showed how certain materials absorb large amounts of liquid. He also showed how a balloon filled with water did not burst with a flame set to it. How does that happen? That happens because water will absorb the heat from a flame, preventing the balloon from popping.


Students sit and watch as a man with a tall blue hat with stars on it holds a flame to a blue balloon.


For his finale, he used a large trash can to show how our lungs work, explaining it every step of the way. He cut out a large hole on one end and closed up the large opening at the top with material. He was able to hit the covered end of the can, causing air to leave the other end with enough force to blow  a cup off Mr. Seth VanGaasbeek’s head, who was sitting six feet away!


A man stands in front of a large group of kids sitting on the floor. He is holding a black trash can that has a hole in the bottom and the top covered in material.


Mr. VanGaasbeek presented Dr. Wizard with a plaque to thank him for his visits to CES.

A man wearing a gray shirt, holds a wooden plaque up and he is smiling. He is wearing a tall blue hat with white stars on it.


Dr. Wizard is a treasured guest at CES. Before he was Dr. Wizard, Larry Mandrese was a surgeon, a pharmacist and a chemistry teacher. He is also known as grandpa to CES students Addison and Nicholas Quatrale.

It’s presentations like this that gets our students so excited for science. It was an amazing day!

A man with a gray shirt and wearing a tall blue hat with white stars on it leans  in to a group of kids sitting on the floor. He is answering questions for them.

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