College Application Guidelines

Contained below are some possible items you should look for when filling out applications, particularly those done online.

Online applications

After completing your general online application, look for supplemental parts that must be filled out by either yourself and/or the person to whom you are giving the supplement. In many instances, recommendations can be done online or uploaded. These supplements might include:
  • A teacher recommendation, sometimes with an evaluation form
  • An essay
  • A transcript request
  • A counselor recommendation, also known as a school report or counselor evaluation
Sometimes the recommendations can be done online or uploaded.

Common Application

This is an application that allows you to apply to multiple schools using one application. Not all schools participate in the Common Application. You must check your schools for participation.
When completing the common application you will always need:
  • A teacher recommendation (sometimes more than one). You invite your teacher via email and the teacher can complete the information online. Please talk to the teacher in person before asking for a recommendation online and allow 2-3 weeks for processing.
  • A counselor recommendation. There is always a counselor evaluation form entitled “School Report.” This is done online by inviting your counselor via email. Please speak with your counselor to obtain recommendation requirements and allow 2-3 weeks for processing.
  • A transcript is required to be sent directly to each school to which you are applying using the Common Application. Counselors can upload transcripts on the Common Application website.
  • Some of the colleges will have a supplement of their own that you must fill out. There is a link to those colleges requiring supplements.
  • Counselors can supply additional information, such as Quarter 1 grades or schedule, as requested by the student or the college.


This is another general application which is used by multiple participating schools.

  • There is a Secondary School Report that your counselor can access online.
  • A transcript is required to be sent directly to each college for which you use this application and is usually requested with the above Secondary School Report.

SUNY Colleges

  • If applying to a SUNY school it is usually easier and sometimes less expensive, to use the SUNY application site.
  • Several SUNY colleges can be applied to on one general application.
  • Individual SUNY schools may have supplements. These must also be completed prior to application deadlines.
  • If doing a SUNY community college application go directly to the individual community college’s website and do the online application if this is available. In most cases the community college applications will be less expensive than using the general SUNY application.

General Information


  • All colleges will want a transcript. If you fill out a college application, inform your counselor as soon as possible.
  • If the college has a transcript request form of its own, bring this to your counselor. You may also need to complete a transcript request form in guidance.
  • Whenever requesting a transcript be sent to a college, please provide the name and address of the college. This will insure your transcript is sent to the correct college campus.

Mid-year reports

Often colleges will want a mid-year report sent. You must notify guidance of the need to submit a mid-year report to college(s) to which you are applying. Be sure to include the names and addresses of colleges when making this request.


Many colleges will want your SAT or ACT results. Most require these results be sent directly from College Board (SAT) or ACT.  Other colleges will accept them on your transcript from the high school. This information is usually listed in the application requirements.

If you want the scores sent with your transcript you must let us know. We will otherwise send your transcript without them.

National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)

If you believe you will be participating in Division I or Division II college athletics, you must register with the NCAA.

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