Holiday and Winter Stories

Click on a video to hear one of our Pine Bush family members read a favorite holiday or winter story. Have some hot cocoa and sit back for some wonderful stories.


A woman sits in a rocking chair with a fireplace, stockings, wreath and snowmen around her. She is holding a book.





Donna Geidel: Hooray for the Holidays



A woman sitting in a rocking chair wearing a Christmas sweater holds a book





Colleen Delles: Merry Christmas, Stinky Face


A man wearing glasses and wearing a white shirt and blue vest holds up a book





John Boyle: The Mitten


A woman with shoulder-length dark hair wearing a blue and gray sweatshirt that says Pine Bush holds a book. Next to her is a menorah and behind her is a scene with snowmen





Amy Brockner: The Borrowed Hanukkah Latkas


A man wearing sunglasses and a funky red tie sits in a rocking chair and holds up a book with a picture of Santa in the snow





Eric Winter: Snow Dreams


A woman wearing a snowman sweater and a red headband with snowmen on it holds up a book showing kids making snowmen.





Donna Geidel: Snowmen at Night


A woman wearing a rudolph hat sits next to a Christmas tree and reads a book



Angela Wise-Landman: Sneezy the Snowman


A woman in a red sweater with a large Christmas tree on it and a headband with a Christmas tree sits in a rocking chair reading a children's book





Judy Parsells: Queen of Christmas


A woman with  festive Christmas sweater and a headband with antlers reads a book in front of a fireplace





Kim Orndorff: Santa Mouse Where Are You?


A man in a blue shirt and red holiday tie holds a book in f





Joseph Prestianni: Trees of the Dancing Goats


A woman with glasses and a blue sweater and necklace holds up an orange book





Lisa Ruyack: Twas the Night Before Christmas


A woman with glasses, wearing a black jacket, sits in front of a fireplace reading a book





Mary Boylan: Not Enough Beds


A woman with chin-length brown hair is wearing a sweater with a menorah on it and holds up a book





Lisa Andryshak: The Magic Dreidels, A Hanukkah Story


A computer screen with the title of the book Boris and Stella and The Perfect Gift with a picture of the reader in the lower right corner





Helen Lynch: Boris and Stella and the Perfect Gift



A woman with long blonde hair wearing sparkly red anglers with a Christmas tree in the background holds up a book called Santa Retires





Aubrey Zamonsky: Santa Retires



A woman with long brown hair and glasses smiles. She is sitting in front of book shelves





Nicole Bobby: When Giving Is All We Have



The grinch in a santa hat





Connie Henke: How The Grinch Stole Christmas


A woman with long dark hair and glasses



Robin Renahan: A Day So Gray


A woman with a knit hat on that says oh Deer holds up a book called Jingle Bells. There is a lit Christmas tree in the background





Lauren Nemeth: Jingle Bells


A book open and an inset of a man reading





Enis Edgemir: ‘Twas Nochebuena


A woman wearing a dark sweater and smiling holds open a book. There is a fireplace in the background.





Lisa Metz: Grandmother Winter

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