Daily health screenings necessary for hybrid students

Dear Pine Bush parents,

Just a quick note about the daily student health screenings that will begin tomorrow.

Tomorrow our “A Day” students (or Group 1 students at Crispell) whose parents chose Hybrid learning will be coming back to our schools. The B Day students (or Group 2 students at Crispell) will do the same on Wednesday.  This will only impact Hybrid students in grades K-6.  PreK students already began their Hybrid instruction last week, and there are some 7th and 8th graders in special classrooms who will be included, but those families have already been contacted.  As I mentioned last Thursday, those PreK to 6th grade students who will entering our schools need to be screened each day, because we have decided in Pine Bush to screen everyone who comes into our schools during this ongoing pandemic.

While I don’t have a way to know which families have picked hybrid vs. virtual, let alone to know who is A day and who is B day,  our computers are a lot smarter than I am.  We’ve programmed them to send a special reminder text and email to those families whose children are scheduled to come to school each day, and those reminder emails and texts will come to you tomorrow morning at about 6:15 a.m.  You’ll get a message for each child because the link for each child is unique (and will allow you to avoid having to type their name each day).  You will, however, have to record their bus number.  If they will “walk” or “drive,” you can type that in instead of the bus number.

It’s important that this be completed and submitted each day your kids attend school.  If we don’t receive the questionnaire, then we take your child’s temperature once they arrive, but prior to their entry into the building. If the temperature reads over 100 degrees, the student will be directed to a supervised isolation room at the building until you can come to pick them up. 

If you don’t get a text or an email, then it will be because we don’t have a cell phone number or an email for you in School Tool, our student information system.  You can call the school secretary at any one of your children’s schools to ask that they add that information as part of your contact data, so you can begin to receive future messages.

We are so looking forward to seeing more students in our schools tomorrow!

Have a great night,


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