Boat races thrill and entertain

Seven high school students, two in Batman shirts, one dressed as Wonder Woman, stand near their boat and hold the Pine Bush boat race trophy, which is made of cardboard. The boat is black with a yellow and black batman symbol on it.
The Justice League team won the annual boat race at Pine Bush High School. From left, Connor Hanington, Madeline Roche, Isabella Franqui, Skye Hall, Emily McLean, Adam Blumrath, and Kyle Futrell.

The Justice League prevailed! And not just on the big screen. 

On Friday, Dec. 21, there were 21 teams at the start of the annual boat races, held at the high school pool on the last day of classes before the winter break. By the end of the event, the Justice League stood alone.

Students from the high school STEM, Science Principles, Robotics,  World of Technology, STARS and Wood Processing classes formed teams and then created a sailing vessel out of just corrugated cardboard and duct tape. That’s it! Of course, they used their science know-how to get the boats to float. Their goal – to get their boat down to the other end of the pool faster than their competitors.A high school student in a red suit with Christmas lights on it stands with a teacher in a green shirt. Both are smiling.

Students filled the stands to root on their classmates. They laughed as boats sank and cheered for their favorite teams, many of which used creative ways to paddle to the other end of the pool. Each donated $1 to watch. Viking Industries donated 300 sheets of cardboard for the event, which raised $375 for the school’s Holiday Fund Drive.

One member of each team gingerly boarded the team’s boat when it was time to take to the water. Many had long paddles made of the same cardboard and duct tape while others used individual hand paddles.  

A high school student in a bathing suit paddles on his boatAfter 10 heats, it came down to three teams: Bat Crew, ‘Lil Boat and Justice League. Justice League, whose members are in the Robotics class, was too much for the others, powering to the finish and the coveted cardboard trophy.

The team was joyous yet humble in victory; which is what one would expect with super heroes.

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