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June 11, 2019 Agenda



Tuesday, June 11, 2019 at Pine Bush HS 

Consideration of Executive Session            6 PM

Student Recognition      6:45 PM                             

Regular Session    7:00 PM


 I.  Call to Order                           6:00 PM

Consideration of Executive Session     6:00 PM

RE: Particular Personnel Matters

Anticipate Reconvening to Regular Session    6:45 PM/7:00 PM


II.       Student Recognition

  • Odyssey of the Mind Students
  • Spring Scholar Athletes


III.       Approval of Minutes

IV.       Reports, Recommendations of the Superintendent

1.     Consent Agenda

2.     Approval of CSE/CPSE Placement Recommendations

3.    Designation / Disposition of Surplus Equipment

                       *****     Public Participation     *****

4.     Approval of Amended Policy for Second Reading/Adoption

  • Amended Policy 7132 – Non-Resident Students

5.     Upcoming Meetings/Events, Old/New Business, Updates   

V.       Business & Finance

1.       Claims Auditor’s Reports – Acknowledge Receipt and Acceptance

2.       Approval of Food Service Budget 2019-2020

3.       Approval of Energy Purchasing Resolution 2019-2020

4.       Approval of Bond Resolution (relating to Bond Proposition#1

  *****     Public Participation     *****

VI.       Consideration of Executive Session

VII.       Adjournment       


MEMORANDUM Accompanying Board Agenda – June 11, 2019                           


I.       Call to Order                                                                                      6:00 PM  

Consideration of Executive Session                                         6:00 PM

 RE:  Particular Personnel Matters

Student Recognition                                                                       6:45 PM

Anticipate Regular Session                                                           7:00 p.m.

II.       Student Recognition    

  • Odyssey of the Mind

The Board of Education will recognize all Odyssey of the Mind student participation in the Regional, New   York State, and World finalist team members. This year’s Coordinator for Odyssey of the Mind  was Lori Stapleton. Please note, E. J Russell Elementary School placed 2nd in the World competition and Crispell Middle School placed 8th in the World competition. Additionally, we had five teams that qualified for the NYS Competition. Those NYS participating teams included E. J. Russell Elementary, Pine Bush Elementary, Crispell Middle School, and two from Pine Bush High School. All 2018-2019 teams will be recognized for their accomplishments.

Pine Bush High School  (NYS and Regional Participants)                                 

Bobbi Walter & Gary Manheim, Coaches                                              

  • Adam Blumrath                                                                                                                               
  • Abigail Carpenter                                                                                                                           
  • Abigail Cassese                                                                                                                               
  • Dylan Cline Larsen                                                                                                         
  • Deanna Lindau                                                                                                                 
  • Morgan Mansueto                                                                                                         
  • Ellen Schoenberg           


Pine Bush High School (NYS and Regional Participants) 

Katie Terwilliger, Coach

  • Georgia Camacho
  • Claire Cerniglia
  • Kelly Green
  • Victoria Knight
  • Corrina Poindexter-Benbow
  • Caleb Scherdin
  • Kassidy Slover


Crispell Middle School  (Regional Participants) 

Matthew Schomberg, Coach                                                                                     

  • Madelyn Carpenter                                                                                                       
  • Sienna Forbes                                                                                                                  
  • Emily Magnetico                                                                                                                             
  • Charles Nelson                                                                                                                
  • Alex O’Dell                                                                                                                                        
  • Tyler Sheeley                                                                                                                   
  • Saige Valentino               


Crispell Middle School (World, NYS and Regional Participants –  Placed 8th in Worlds)

Stacey Mark, Coach

  • Nina Camacho
  • Jenna Hopmayer
  • Rebecca Magnetico
  • Maya Oakes
  • Meryl Palinkas
  • Jessica Sheeley
  • Taylor Vero


Circleville Middle School (Regional Participants)                                                  

Robin Conklin & Samantha Petrosi, Co-Coaches                                

  • Camryn Brown                                                                                                                 
  • Gianna Conklin                                                                                                                                
  • Katie Johnson                                                                                                                  
  • Ashley Martin                                                                                                                  
  • Emma Perez                                                                                                                      
  • Aaron Schoenberg                                                                                                         
  • Daniel Tamakloe


Circleville Middle School  (Regional Participants) G

Garrett Randall, Coach

  • Molly Bakleh
  • Joseph Gill-Negron       
  • Rylee Hoornbeck
  • Alannah Poindexter
  • Victor Nieves
  • Ruth Zwart


Circleville Elementary School (Regional Participants)                                     

Nicole Porter & Dawn Wright, Co-Coaches                                          

  • Mariah Duggins                                                                                                               
  • Jackson Nemeroff- Hanington                                                                                                                  
  • Jillian Masci                                                                                                      
  • MaryRose Moran                                                                                            
  • Julia Tanner                                                                                                      
  • Hunter Thompson                                                                                          
  • Thea Valdez


Pakanasink Elementary School (Regional Participants)

Jordan Donley, Coach

  • Harris Blumrath
  • Sade Christophe                                             
  • Alex Cloke
  • Kayla DeWinter
  • Salome Gomez
  • Owen Terranova


EJ Russell Elementary School  (World, NYS and Regional Participants –  Placed 2nd in Worlds)                        

Naomi Bush and Doreen Sandor Co-Coaches                                                                                     

  • Leah Germano                                                                                                 
  • Alannah Giannini                                                                                                           
  • McKayla Hundley                                                                                           
  • Dominic Licardi                                                                                                
  • Alyssa Magsamen                                                                                          
  • Jake Thompson                                                                                               
  • Kara Wittenberg                                                                                                             


Pine Bush Elementary School (NYS and Regional Participants)

Valerie Turcotte and Jacki Halpin Co-Coaches 

  • Logan Babcock
  • Conor Bordeman
  • Brooke Gluszak
  • James Halpin
  • Brianna Reynolds
  • Christopher Turcotte-O’Dell
  • Joely Urena


Recognition of Spring Student Athletes – 2019

The Board of Education will be asked to recognize our spring student athletes for their outstanding   accomplishment of maintaining a grade point average of 90 and above during spring athletic season, as well as “champion / qualifier” recognition as noted. Superintendent Tim Mains will introduce Michael Gillespie, Director of Physical Education, Health, and Athletics to further introduce the coaches for each of the spring sport teams being recognized:


Varsity Golf – Boys and Girls  – Scholar Athlete Team Award

Coaches Brian Shaw / Eric Moller

  • Nathan Brown
  • Marc DeSantis
  • Seth DeWitt
  • Nicholas Diefenbach
  • Christopher Gibson
  • Sara Ippolito
  • Derek Marks
  • Abigail Pearson


Varsity Boys Baseball- Scholar Athlete Team Award

Coach: Matthew Boffalo, Assisted by Vinny Roberto

  • Gregory Bandura
  • Logan DeVries
  • Cole Hentschel
  • Salvatore Mecca Jr
  • Haakon Meland
  • Zachary Smith
  • John Torpey


Varsity Girls Lacrosse – Scholar Athlete Team Award

Coach: Chris Curnan, Assisted by Ken Blackwell and Jim Licardi

  • Bayleigh Ardito
  • Tiffany Beckford
  • Mackenzie Daly
  • Rachel Dickinson
  • Shelby Eller
  • Skye Hall
  • Alani Howard-Touwsma
  • Olivia Lenza
  • Antonia Licardi
  • Sophia Licardi
  • Mahalla Snowden
  • Lexi Velasquez
  • Hannah Vendy


Varsity Girls Softball – Scholar Athlete Team Award

Coach: Mike Mancuso, Assisted by Jen Evans and Tony Mancuso

  • Kaylee Armida
  • Jaden Bjaelker
  • Nate’ Burley
  • Amy DeSena
  • Jessica Fowler
  • Christina Kania
  • Bridget Kiernan
  • Caitlyn Price


Varsity Lacrosse– Scholar Athlete Team Award

Coach: Mark Brennan, Assisted by Logan Roebuck

  • Josiah Cruz
  • Jack Galloway
  • Kyle Jaloszynski
  • Nathan Jaloszynski
  • Kenneth Spadola
  • Ryan Stacklum
  • Brayden Velasquez
  • Francesco Wise           


Boys Outdoor Track and Field– Scholar Athletes

Coach: Casey Grey, Assisted by Al Schmidt, Rich Ormsby, John Petrofsky

  • Elijah Acero
  • Frank Adipietro
  • Joseph Adipietro
  • Jonny Aguilar
  • Dennis Ahmetaj
  • Eric Anderson
  • Justin Ceiley
  • Daniel Cragan
  • Michael Fisher
  • Jose Giraldo
  • Derek Hickman
  • Kiyan Hocek
  • Tyler Landivar
  • Andrew Maloy
  • Caleb McDermott
  • Ryan McNamara
  • Ryan Morris
  • Alexander O’Flaherty
  • John Parsells
  • Patrick Pfeil
  • Cedric Raber
  • Aryn Simmons
  • Alan Soto
  • Griffin VonDeben
  • Colby Zupetz


Additional Qualifiers:

  • Brandon DeJesus – Section 9 Champion, State Qualifier
  • Matthew Heilig – Section 9 Champion, State Qualifier
  • Kenneth Holland – OCIAA Champion, State Qualifier


Girls Outdoor Track and Field– Scholar Athlete Team Award

Coach: Gerald Risco, Assisted by Melissa Schueler, Rebecca Torre

  • Yasmin Aguilar
  • Alanah Bedford
  • Amidie Bedford
  • Joanna Bienaime
  • Alyssa Biondi
  • Kymorah Boddie
  • Abigail Carpenter
  • Madeleine Cerone
  • Connie Chen
  • Becky Drumm
  • Ciara Ferguson
  • Susan Fernandez
  • Hannah Goudreau
  • Mackenzie Gula
  • Yadaris Guzman
  • Meghan Herbert
  • Alicia Kretschmer
  • Deanna Lindau
  • Kailee Loiodice
  • Paige Loiodice
  • Danielle Lovelace
  • Michaila Maggiolo
  • Deborah Phanor
  • Kaitlyn Ponte
  • Samantha Ramnarine
  • Mary Regelski
  • Zoe Rodi
  • Gabrielle Rodriguez
  • Madison Serrano
  • Wylaimee Shalders
  • Mackenzie Streever
  • AnJalyna Talmadge
  • Gabriella Toro
  • Amelia Tremper
  • Alexis Trojahn
  • Yol-Emma Veillard
  • Rosanna Weber


Additional Qualifiers:

  • Taylor Pannell – OCIAA Champion, Section 9 Champion, State Qualifier
  • AnJalyna Talmadge – OCIAA Champion, Section 9 Champion, State Qualifier



Boys Tennis– Scholar Athlete Team Award

Coach: Mitch Silverberg, Assisted by Dan Conley

  • Finian Brown
  • Macen DeLesio
  • Garrett Eckert
  • Shawn Gulamerian
  • Kiyan Hocek
  • Nicholas Kahrs
  • Matthew Lupinski
  • Daniel Mondelli


III.           Approval of Minutes

The Board of Education will be asked to approve the minutes from the May 28, 2019, regular meeting as submitted by the District Clerk.


IV.         Reports, Recommendations of the Superintendent

1.            Consent Agenda

Recommend the Board of Education approve the following Consent Agenda as submitted by the    Superintendent of Schools: ON WEBSITE

2.    Approval CSE/CPSE  Placement Recommendations  

Recommend the Board of Education approve all IEPs of the Committee on Special Education and  the Committee on Preschool Special Education as submitted by the CSE and CPSE Chairpersons and reviewed by Trustee Tompkins.

3.            Designation / Disposition of Surplus Equipment

Recommend the Board of Education designate and approve disposition of the following surplus equipment as submitted at the request of Lyn Prestia, Director of Food Service, as outdated and/or in poor condition beyond repair, therefore, unusable in accordance with Policy #5250 SUBJECT: Disposition of Surplus Property, and authorizes the disposition of the equipment submitted under the direction of Michael Pacella , Assistant Superintendent for Business.

                #1  Freezer – Quantity (1) 

                Glenco Guardian Freezer, PB #4315 / #007069

                Model # SLFS48-TE, Serial # GG-347349-C – 1990 – Not repairable – Location Crispell


                 #2  Dish Caddy Quantity (2)

                #03615 –  Obsolete –  Location PBHS

                #02186 –  Obsolete  –  Location PBHS


                #3  Wittco Transport Cart Quantity (5)

                #006555 – Model # 1825-13RCDD  Serial # 624056 – 1995 – Not repairable – Location PBHS

                #006519 – Model # 1825-13RCDD  Serial # 624058 – 1995 – Not repairable – Location PBHS

                #006520 – Model # 1825-13RCDD  Serial # 624060 – 1995 – Not repairable – Location PBHS

                #006536 – Model # 1825-13RCDD  Serial # 624059 – 1995 – Not repairable – Location PBHS

                #006517 – Model # 1826-15-BC-IS-DD Serial # BV714833 – 1995 – Not repairable – Location PBHS


                #4  Crown-X Red Transport Cart (1)

                #06557 – Model X H1381834  Serial number DJEK97758 – 1995 – Not repairable – Location PBHS


                #5  Federal Industries Open Air Merchandiser  (1)

                Model RSS4SC-5B  Serial # 050020797-166-2 – Not repairable – Location PBHS


 *****     Public Participation     *****


4.            Approval of Amended Policies for Second Read/Adoption

Recommend the Board of Education approve the following amended policy for a second reading/adoption:

  • Amended Policy 7132 – Non Resident Students

5 .           Upcoming Board Meetings, Events / Old, New Business / Updates

Upcoming board meetings and events will be announced Tuesday evening:

The start time for the regular sessions of our board meetings – 7:00 p.m., unless otherwise noted.

Board Meetings:             

  • Tuesday, June 25, 2019, 7:00 PM Circleville Middle School

Current Moving Up Day Schedule:

  • PBE Moving Up Ceremony

Friday, June 14, 2019, 9:45 AM at PBHS

  • EJR Moving Up Ceremony

Tuesday, June 18, 2019, 10:00 AM at EJR

  • CES Moving Up Ceremony

Thursday, June 20, 2019, 9:30 AM at CES

  • PAK Moving Up Ceremony

Friday, June 21, 2019, 9:30 AM at CVMS Auditorium

  • CVMS Moving Up Ceremony

Tuesday, June 25, 2019, 8:15 AM at CVMS

  • Crispell Moving Up Ceremony

Tuesday, June 25, 2019, 12:00 noon, PBHS


 BOCES CV-TECH Graduation

Wednesday, June 19, 2019, 5:30 PM – 8:00 PM NY Stewart Int’l Airport

(Reservations are required/ticket  (rsvp to Debbie or Jayna)


NYSSBA School Board Recognition Week

                Monday, June 24, 2019 Reception 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

                Villa Borghese — 70 Widmer Rd. Wappingers Falls, NY

                (RSVP to Debbie June or  directly to


LAST DAY OF SCHOOL: Full Day for Staff / Half Day for Students

Wednesday, June 26, 2019


PBHS Graduation Ceremony

Friday June 28, 2019, 7:00 PM PBHS Football Field


All Night Graduation Party

Friday, June 28, 2019, 10:30 PM at PBHS


Scheduled Summer Board Meetings:

Please see below summer meeting schedule, noting summer meetings are held at district office at 7 PM, unless posted otherwise. As in the past, we list our summer meetings with the exception of any retreats that may be scheduled in the future:


  • Thursday, July 11, 2019, 7 PM, Reorganization & Regular Meeting at District Office
  • Tuesday, July 30, 2019, 7 PM, Regular Board Meeting at District Office


  • Tuesday, August 20, 2019, Regular Board Meeting at District Office


V.            Business & Finance

1.            Claim Auditor’s Reports

Recommend the Board of Education acknowledge receipt and acceptance of the following Claims Auditor’s Reports as submitted: 

Claims Auditor’s Report covering Warrant # 0072 dated 5/09/2019, check run, authorizing payments in the amount of $ 423,329.18

  • Cafeteria Fund (6 checks 004859-004864)     $    3842.91         
  • Crispell SAF (2 check 002291-002292)    $532.25
  • HS Activity Fund (10 checks 003834-003843)  $47,002.00         
  • Federal Fund (2 check 002447-002448)  $406.00         
  • General Fund (83 checks 058087-058169)   $358,928.27
  • District Activity AC (12 checks 004557-004568)    $  12,617.75

            Total     $   423,329.18


Claims Auditor’s Report covering Warrant #0073 dated 05/09/2019 ,check run, authorizing payments in the amount of $ 18,707.36

  • General Fund (3 checks 058170-058172)      $    16,206.36
  • District Activity AC (1 check 004569)  $  2,501.00

              Total       $  18,707.36


Claims Auditor’s Report covering Warrant #0074 dated 05/15/19, HBO and coaching checks, authorizing payments in the amount of $ 143,666.89

  • Trust & Agency Acct.(0 checks)     $   143,666.89

                Total        $  143,666.89


Claims Auditor’s Report covering Warrant # 0075 dated 5/17/2019, check run, authorizing payments in the amount of $ 3,762,421.80

  • Cafeteria Fund (4 checks 004865-004868)      $  10,674.66         
  • Academy of Finance (1 check 001616)   $  442.46
  • General Fund (99 checks 058173-058271)    $    3,747,102.68
  • District Activity AC (5 checks 004570-004574)    $ 4,202.00   

           Total       $    3,762,421.80


Claims Auditor’s Report covering Warrant # 0076 dated 5/23/2019, check run, authorizing payments in the amount of $ 260,150.37

  • Cafeteria Fund (2 checks 004869-004870)     $    583.46         
  • Crispell SAF (1 check 002293)    $  56.25
  •  HS Activity Fund (9 checks 003844-003852)   $   670.76         
  • Academy of Finance (2 check 001617–001618)   $  991.68
  • Federal Fund Acct. (1 check (002449)  $  1,500.00
  • Capital Fund (3 checks 001767-001769)  $ 68,770.21
  • General Fund (101 checks 058272-058372)   $  176,281.16
  • District Activity AC (10 checks 004575-004584)    $ 11,296.85

           Total     $   260,150.37


Claims Auditor’s Report covering Warrant #0077 dated 05/24/19, payroll, authorizing payments in the amount of $ 1,119,475.50

  • Trust & Agency Acct(15 checks 003917-003931)      $  1,119,475.50

               Total       $  1,119,475.50


 Claims Auditor’s Report covering Warrant # 0078 dated 5/31/2019, check run, authorizing payments in the amount of $ 1,029,299.74

  • Cafeteria Fund (6 checks 004871-004876)     $   25,334.69         
  •  HS Activity Fund (3 checks 003855-003857)   $  1,071.72         
  • Trust & Agency Acct.(0 checks)  $  14,817.89
  • Federal Fund Acct. (1 check (002450)  $  320.00
  • General Fund (63 checks 058373-058435)    $  955,475.81
  •  District Activity AC (5 checks 004618-004622)     $ 32,209.63

                   Total      $  1,029,299.74


Claims Auditor’s Report covering Warrant # 0079 2019-2020 scholarship checks authorizing payments in the amount of $ 20,350.00

  • Crispell SAF (2 checks 002294-002295)    $      1,300.00         
  • HS Activity Fund (2 checks 003853-003854)  $  1,650.00
  • Academy of Finance(2 checks 001619-001620)   $  150.00         
  • Human Services (4 checks 001079-001082)   $   1,900.00         
  • Expendable Trust Fund (15 checks 001283-001297)   $  6,750.00         
  • District Activity AC (33 checks 004585-004617)   $   8,600.00

             Total     $  20,350.00


2.      Approval of Food Service Budget 2019-2020

Recommend the Board of Education approve the Pine Bush Central School District School Food Service 2019- 2020 Budget in the amount of $ 2,371,882.


3.    Approval of Energy Purchasing Resolution for 2019-2020

Recommend the Board of Education approve the following resolution:

WHEREAS the Pine Bush Central School District is participating, with other Rockland and Orange County School Districts, in cooperative bids for the purchase of electricity and natural gas, sponsored by the Rockland County BOCES; and

WHEREAS the bidding procedures comply in every respect with the requirements established By the General Municipal Law; and

WHEREAS, the electricity and natural gas markets are highly volatile and prompt action is   required to secure the benefit of the lowest possible rates; and

WHEREAS, the delay in waiting for formal action by this Board may result in the loss of the bid prices; and  

WHEREAS, the Board believes that it can establish reasonable limits on the power of the Superintendent to act in the Board’s name and authority, subject to later ratification by this Board;

RESOLVED that this Board hereby delegates to the Superintendent of Schools the authority to accept bids for electricity and natural gas submitted pursuant to the cooperative bid on the following conditions:

a.      The annual ceiling price bid for electricity is $0.08 per kWh or less;

b.      The annual ceiling price bid for natural gas Basis is $4.00/mm Btu or less; (this cost is for the transmission of gas)  

c.      The annual ceiling price for natural gas commodity at the NYMEX Henry Hub is $3.95/mm Btu or less; and it is further

RESOLVED that the Superintendent is to report to this Board, in writing, within 24 hours any action he has taken pursuant to this resolution; and it is further

RESOLVED that this delegation of authority may be revoked at any time by action of this Board.

Date: June 11, 2019


4.         Approval of Bond Resolution (relating to Bond Proposition #1)

Recommend the Pine Bush Central School District Board of Education adopt the following Bond Resolution relating to the “Bond Proposition #1: Capital Improvement Project Base Proposal 2019 — School  Buildings” at its regular meeting, held within said School District on June 11, 2019, at approximately 7:00 PM (prevailing time), in the Counties of Orange, Sullivan and Ulster, New York:



WHEREAS, at the Annual District Meeting and Election duly called and held on May 21, 2019, in the Pine Bush Central School District, in the Counties of Orange, Sullivan and Ulster, New York (the “District”), the qualified voters present and voting approved a Bond Proposition authorizing the construction of improvements and alterations to all District school buildings and sites, at the estimated maximum cost of $44,875,000; and such qualified voters then present and voting further authorized the Board of Education to levy and collect a tax to be collected in annual installments to pay the principal of and interest on the $37,375,000 serial bonds authorized to be issued;

Now, therefore,

THE BOARD OF EDUCATION OF THE PINE BUSH CENTRAL SCHOOL DISTRICT, IN THE COUNTIES OF ORANGE, SULLIVAN AND ULSTER, NEW YORK, HEREBY RESOLVES (by the favorable vote of not less than two-thirds of all the members of said Board of Education) AS FOLLOWS:

Section 1.  The Pine Bush Central School District, in the Counties of Orange, Sullivan and Ulster, New York, is hereby authorized to construct improvements and alterations to all District school buildings and sites (the “Project”), substantially as described as in the plan entitled “Capital Improvement Project Proposal 2019”, prepared for the District by Clark Patterson Lee; including the construction of building envelope, structural and façade improvements; replacement of roofs, doors, windows, ceilings and floors; the installation/construction of security vestibules; ADA improvements; improvements to the electrical, plumbing, heating, air conditioning, ventilation, drainage, security, master clock and fire safety systems; lavatory and locker room renovations; and interior reconstruction and space reconfiguration; and parking lot, fencing, and sidewalk improvements; all of the foregoing to include the original equipment, machinery, furnishings, apparatus, and all ancillary, site and other work required in connection therewith.  The estimated total cost thereof, including preliminary costs and costs incidental thereto and to the financing thereof, is $44,875,000 and said amount is hereby appropriated therefor, including the expenditure of $7,500,000 from the District’s Capital Reserve Fund to pay for a portion of the cost of the Project, such expenditure being hereby approved and authorized.  The plan of financing includes the expenditure of such reserve funds and the issuance of $37,375,000 serial bonds of the District to finance the balance of said appropriation, and the levy and collection of taxes on all the taxable real property in the District to pay the principal of said bonds and the interest thereon as the same shall become due and payable.  Additional moneys in the Capital Reserve Fund, if available, not to exceed $12,500,000 in aggregate, are hereby authorized to be expended to pay a further portion of the cost of the Project.  Any such amounts so expended shall further reduce the amount covered by bonds and/or offset a like amount of the taxes and/or bonds herein authorized, and such expenditure is hereby approved.

Section 2.  Serial bonds of the District in the amount of $37,375,000 are hereby authorized to be issued pursuant to the provisions of the Local Finance Law, constituting Chapter 33-a of the Consolidated Laws of the State of New York (herein called “Law”) to finance a portion of said appropriation.

Section 3.  The following additional matters are hereby determined and declared:

(a)        The period of probable usefulness applicable to the purpose for which serial bonds are authorized to be issued pursuant to this resolution, within the limitations of Section 11.00 a. 97 of the Law, is thirty (30) years.

(b)        The proceeds of the bonds herein authorized and any bond anticipation notes issued in anticipation of said bonds may be applied to reimburse the District for expenditures made for the purpose or purposes for which said bonds are authorized.  The foregoing statement of intent with respect to reimbursement is made in conformity with Treasury Regulation Section 1.150-2 of the United States Treasury Department.

Section 4.  Each of the bonds authorized by this resolution and any bond anticipation notes issued in anticipation of the sale of said bonds shall contain the recital of validity as prescribed by Section 52.00 of the Law and said bonds and any notes issued in anticipation of said bonds shall be general obligations of the District, payable as to both principal and interest by general tax upon all the taxable real property within the District without limitation of rate or amount.  The faith and credit of the District are hereby irrevocably pledged to the punctual payment of the principal of and interest on said bonds and any notes issued in anticipation of the sale of said bonds and provision shall be made annually in the budget of the District by appropriation for (a) the amortization and redemption of the bonds and any notes in anticipation thereof to mature in such year and (b) the payment of interest to be due and payable in such year.

Section 5.  Subject to the provisions of this resolution and of the Law and pursuant to the provisions of Section 21.00 relative to the authorization of the issuance of bonds with substantially level or declining annual debt service, Section 30.00 relative to the authorization of the issuance of bond anticipation notes and Section 50.00 and Sections 56.00 to 60.00 of the Law, the powers and duties of the Board of Education relative to authorizing bond anticipation notes and prescribing the terms, form and contents and as to the sale and issuance of all bonds herein and heretofore authorized and of any bond anticipation notes issued in anticipation of said bonds, and the renewals of said bond anticipation notes, are hereby delegated to the President of the Board of Education, the chief fiscal officer of the District.

Section 6.  The validity of the bonds authorized by this resolution, and of any notes issued in anticipation of the sale of said bonds, may be contested only if:

            (a)        such obligations are authorized for an object or purpose for which the District is not authorized to expend money, or

            (b)        the provisions of law which should be complied with at the date of the publication of such resolution, or a summary hereof, are not substantially complied with,

and an action, suit or proceeding contesting such validity is commenced within twenty days after the date of such publication, or

            (c)        such obligations are authorized in violation of the provisions of the constitution.

Section 7.  This bond resolution shall take effect immediately, and the District Clerk is hereby authorized and directed to publish the foregoing resolution, in summary, together with a Notice attached in substantially the form prescribed by §81.00 of the Law in the District’s official newspapers, two newspapers each having a general circulation within the District and hereby designated the official newspapers of said District for such publication.

                                                                *****     Public Participation     *****


  VI.         Consideration of Executive Session

 VII.        Adjournment

Pine Bush Central School District
State Route 302, Pine Bush, NY 12566
Phone: (845) 744-2031
Fax: (845) 744-6189
Brian Dunn
Superintendent of Schools
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