April 25, 2019 Consent Agenda

Board of Education 

Regular Meeting

Tuesday, April 25, 2019

 Consent Agenda – Revised*


Recommend the Board of Education approve the following revised Consent Agenda as submitted by the Superintendent of Schools:



Marianne Haberneck, resignation of from her position as a 1.0 FTE Teacher-Special Education, effective at the close of business on June 30, 2019. 


Leave of Absence


Tammy Denardo, request for an unpaid leave of absence for from her position as a 6.0 hours/day Teaching Assistant, effective 05/06/2019 through 06/07/2019.




Theresa Valastro who holds a Permanent N-6 Teaching certificate, be appointed on probation as a part-time, non-tenure bearing, 6.0 Hour/Day Teaching Assistant, effective  May 01, 2019, salary as per contract (pro-rated).


Designation of Poll Workers/Inspectors

Designation of the following individuals, to date, working as  table inspectors (poll workers); machine inspectors; facility attendant, and machine technician/assistant for the May 21, 2019 Annual District Meeting (Budget Vote and Election of Board Members) to include any preparation vote meetings/subsequent meetings (pre-vote mtg. May 15, 2019), effective April 25, 2019.

Walker Valley Fire House – Site 1

  • Marilyn Hoffman (Chief Inspector)
  • Kathleen (KC) Devries
  • Susan Warms
  • Debra Dewitt
  • Trini Giagiakos
  • Maryann Matarazza
  • Diann Michael


Pine Bush Fire House – Site 2

  • Rebecca Howell (Chief Inspector)
  • Patricia Gorman
  • Peter Sullivan
  • Marion Schneider
  • Julia Szulewski
  • Rose Albert
  • Gale Britto
  • Ernie Martin
  • Muriel (Betty) Moorhead
  • Peter Szulewski


Circleville Evangelical Presbyterian Church- Site 3

  • Terri Niski (Chief Inspector)
  • Carmen Lucinares
  • Don Sileo
  • Elisa Rosenblum
  • Michelle Cartier Barnes
  • Pearlstein Bamberg
  • Debra Kelly
  • Beverly Lennon
  • Ann Shannon
  • Britney Sirois
  • Jo Ann Sileo      


Bloomingburg Town Park – Site 4

  • Kathleen Selear (Chief Inspector)
  • John Smith
  • Christina Yuin
  • Presley Cannady, Sr.
  • Monique Dure-Marcy
  • Debbie Miller


  • Donna Makie
  • Roberta Lawless
  • Erika Scheuermann
  • Peggy Bennett
  • Alice Couser
  • Quandra Dottin
  • Lynn Vitale
  • Judy Parsells
  • Cristina Gomez
  • Darryl Vaughan*


District-wide Machine Technician /Assistant: Ken Bujalski

Site 1 Facility Attendant: Dominick Crisafulli


Per Diem Substitutes

Board approval for the appointment of the following individuals as per diem substitutes effective April 26,

2019 (or as noted) at board approved per diem substitute rates:

  • Kimberly Canaperi
  • Brendan Carnes*
  • Kaitlin Deigan
  • Alejo Gutierrez Sarantapoulas
  • Natalia Hernandez
  • Bernardino Munoz
  • David Nunnery*
  • Jessica Perez
  • Amani Scott
  • Nicholas Wyss 
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