Board of Education Activities


The District may be a member of the New York State School Boards Association. Additionally, the Board may maintain membership and participate cooperatively in other associations.

Education Law Section 1618
Comptroller’s Opinion 81-255


The Board believes that continuing in-service training and development are important for its members. The Board, therefore, encourages the participation of all members at appropriate Board conferences, conventions and workshops which are believed to be of benefit to the District. However, in order to control both the investment of time and funds necessary to implement this policy, the Board establishes the following guidelines: 

a) A calendar of Board conferences, conventions and workshops will be maintained by the Board Clerk. The Board will periodically decide which meetings appear to be most likely to
produce direct and indirect benefits to the District. At least annually, the Board will identify those new ideas or procedures and/or cost benefits that can be ascribed to participation at
such meetings. 

b) Funds for participation at such conferences, conventions, workshops and the like will be budgeted for on an annual basis. When funds are limited, the Board will designate which
members are to participate at a given meeting. 

c) Reimbursement to Board members for all actual and necessary registration fees, expenses of travel, meals and lodging, and all necessary tuition fees incurred in connection with attendance at conferences and the like will be in accordance with established regulations for expense reimbursement. 

d) When a conference, convention or workshop is not attended by the full Board, those who do participate will be requested to share information, recommendations and materials acquired
at the meeting.

The authorization for Board members to attend a conference, convention, workshop and the like will be by Board resolution adopted prior to such attendance. However, the Board, in its discretion, may delegate the power to authorize attendance at such conferences to the President of the Board.

Where authorization has been delegated to the President of the Board, no expense or claim form will be paid unless a travel order or similar document signed by the President is attached to such form, authorizing the claimant to attend the conference. 

Education Law Section 2118
General Municipal Law Sections 77-b and 77-c
NOTE: Refer also to Policies #5323 — Reimbursement for Meals/Refreshments
#6161 — Conference/Travel Expense Reimbursement


No member of the Board may receive any compensation for his or her services unless he or she will also serve as District Clerk and be paid as Clerk. All members of the Board may be reimbursed for actual expenses incurred in representing the District. All bills or claims for reimbursement must be
itemized in reasonable detail.

Conference Travel for Newly Elected Board Members

In accordance with General Municipal Law, the Board, by a majority vote, may authorize a newly elected Board member whose term of office has not yet commenced to attend a conference. Such conference travel will be for official District business and will be made utilizing a cost-effective and
reasonable method of travel. 

Authorization must be by resolution adopted prior to such attendance and duly entered in the minutes. However, the Board may delegate the power to authorize such attendance at a conference to the Board President or Board Vice President.

Education Law Section 2118
General Municipal Law Sections 77-b and 77-b(2)


The Board will review the effectiveness of its internal operations at least once annually and will formulate a plan for improving its performance. 

The Superintendent and others who work regularly with the Board may be asked to participate in this review and to suggest ways by which the Board can improve its functioning as a legislative body. 

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